This month’s Success Story comes from East Lothian Ladies County Golf Association (ELLCGA), as BRS Golf by GolfNow helped streamline their competition booking and finances by moving the whole process online – for free!  In autumn 2016, the ELLCGA contacted BRS Golf to discuss the possibility of using our system for booking their competitions. They were aware that other golf associations and golf unions in Scotland had already adopted BRS Golf, and felt there were many benefits they could gain by using the system.

The ELLCGA was established in 1924 for the purpose of entering a team in the inter county competition for the County Shield, and to run competitions for members to raise funds to support the team. The format of these competitions has developed and grown over the years and the county committee also has a role in supporting East and Scottish events, including junior events.

Carol Murray, ELLGCA Treasurer, explains: “Although we do not have a vast number of members, and we do not run many competitions, the administration involved in handling entries and collecting money in advance for events is quite significant. And we have no paid employees, all of the work is completed by volunteers! So we were interested in finding ways to not only produce administrative efficiencies, but also to make the whole process easier and ensure the finances were more secure and easily audited.”

Open Competition Online Booking

Barry Johnston, account manager for BRS Golf at the time, met with the ELLGCA. He picks up the story: “When Carol and her colleagues explained how they ran things and what they were looking forward, I explained how they would be able to adopt part of our system, Open Competition Online booking, which would work well for them. I was confident that this would be a good fit because we had experience of working with other golf associations and golf unions who ran competitions in a similar way.”

At this stage, Carol was concerned the association would struggle to afford the system. “When we discussed the costs with BRS Golf, Barry indicated that we would be able to utilise the appropriate software and services at absolutely no cost! In return BRS Golf requested that we host some adverts for the company on our website. We were delighted with such a generous offer and had no hesitation in accepting the proposal!” Carol enthuses.

A couple of committee members underwent a tailored version of the BRS Golf onboarding training sessions and system was up and running in a short space of time and ready for the first competition of the year in April 2017.

“This was our largest competition of the year and being hosted at Muirfield Golf Course. We knew there would be a large demand for tee times. So this was going to be a very severe test for BRS Golf and our new processes,” Carol explains.

And how did it go?

“The Competition was fully booked within a few hours of opening! And through the online collection of payments all the money due was already in our bank account,” Carol says. “Apart from a few members who were unsure about using credit card payments over the internet, we had no issues whatsoever! We used BRS Golf successfully for all of the other competitions, and made sure that online entry was the only way members could enter, and this simplified our processes immensely.”

Has BRS improved efficiency?

Carol confirms:“Without doubt! BRS Golf has already made a significant difference. This was quite a big change for us to make, and we are appreciative of the help and support that BRS Golf have given us all the way through. We feel we are probably one of the smallest customers BRS Golf have, and we do not pay any money at all, but the implementation and support services have been wonderful! Now that we have set up BRS the way we want and have experience in using it, we are confident that this year we will achieve many more efficiencies and benefits!

“BRS Golf market themselves as specialists in the golf industry. We are able to confirm their expertise is superb and their help with us has demonstrated a ready and positive willingness to support golf in general, ladies golf in particular and ladies golf in East Lothian specifically!”

Thanks for that endorsement, Carol!