GDPR has been here for a while and it hasn’t impacted you so far – phew. (Well, apart from all the work you have done and continue to do in order to comply!)

For those of you that were in the Scouts or Guides, you’ll be familiar with the “be prepared” phrase. It’s so important to be prepared because the potential fines would be crippling for any golf club, and because showing club members that you care about their data will help you build trust.

So, what do you need to do (if you haven’t done already)…


Is your privacy policy up to date?

As the focus is on generating and increasing revenue, it’s likely you’ll have forgotten about the essential building blocks of GDPR and your website privacy policy is probably the most visible of these building blocks – because both your customers and regulators can see it!

Updating your policy to meet GDPR’s new requirements can be daunting. You’ll need to discuss this with your legal representative to be sure it’s right for your business. They can advise on what details to include, but remember to think about the types of personal information you collect, how you use it, whom you share it with, and how long you keep it. Individual golfers can also ask for a copy of the personal information you hold about them, or ask you to delete it altogether, at any time, and you have only one month to do this. So, think about the easiest and most efficient way to respond to these queries if you get them.

Once you have your updated website privacy policy, you can make it available in BRS Golf by GolfNow, by accessing your dashboard and heading to Tools > Legal Messages.

You can edit your existing policy and replace the text with that of your new policy or you could paste the link to the policy on your website. If you paste the link, make sure to include the http:// or https:// (the easiest way to do this is to copy the link from your browser!).

Now here’s an important point to those clubs that have the Members’ Booking Module – the minute you update your policy members will be prompted to accept to the new policy the next time they log into the members’ booking module. Members won’t be able to proceed until they have accepted this new policy.


Have you updated your marketing preference message?

Post GDPR, regulators pay even greater attention to marketing consents. So, don’t forget to ask your golfers for permission before sending them marketing emails or texts, and to keep a record of these. Through your BRS Golf dashboard, we can help you do this, as you are able to capture consents in a recordable and auditable manner, tailored to your specific marketing needs.

In the Tools > Legal Messages, you can update the wording you want your members and visitors to see. You should be clear, but can also be creative (subject to receiving your own legal advice) in order to entice golfers to sign up for marketing messages and news from your club (via email, text, post, where applicable).

Think about the types of marketing that your club does, and make sure the text accompanying the consent box covers this clearly. For example, if the Professional at your club or your restaurant manager wants to send promotional emails, then you might need to add these to this consent message. If your marketing needs change, you should update the consent language. But always keep a record, so you know what marketing a golfer has agreed to receive.

Remember the marketing preferences message is limited to a maximum of 300 characters.


Are your Terms and Conditions fit for purpose?

Like any other business you should have terms and conditions for members and visitors of your golf club.

The visitors one is more commonplace as it deals with the terms relating to booking golf at your golf club. Any club that has online booking for visitors will have existing terms and conditions, however, you should review them and update them accordingly to ensure they are fit for your needs (be that cancellation terms, dress codes, etc.).

You may not have used terms and conditions for members previously. These should cover the terms of use of your member booking module and could include for example, your club’s rules on dress code, etiquette, casual booking rules, competition booking rules, etc. You may already have these terms and conditions outside of the booking modules, but you may want to include them within your BRS Golf as well.

Both terms and conditions can be changed in BRS Golf, via the admin dashboard in Tools >Legal Messages. As with the privacy policy, when you update the members terms and conditions, members will be prompted to accept the new terms the next time they log into the member booking module.


More help?

If you need any additional help with the above, please check out our FAQs page and our Template Privacy Notice for Golf Clubs (which can supplement your comprehensive website privacy policy).

In addition, you will find some useful information on the following websites:

England Golf’s GDPR page

Scottish Golf’s GDPR page

Wales Golf GDPR Guidance in association with the NGCAA

CGI’s GDPR page

In addition, the Sport & Recreational Alliance have issued a GDPR Toolkit, which provides template documentation to assist sports organisations and clubs comply

If you have any issues using the Legal Messages tool, please feel free to contact our Customer Success Team on 0800 7808 8888.